Where To Sign Up For The Best And Most Unique Subscription Box Service?

A subscription box full of goodies delights many of us who are currently staying at home. It’s one of the few things we can get excited about and it should remain that way! So we’re stirring away from services that only offer traditional items like food and health/medicine items and go with the most creative ones out there. 

Enter Breo Box. Endorsed by celebrities such as Wayne Brady and Sebastian Maniscalco, Breo Box is unlike most subscription box services on the market. It helps you discover cool and handy items, be it for everyday living, fitness, health or technology. Every three months, you get a durable seasonal subscription box filled with five to eight useful, unique and interesting products.

What is inside every seasonal box?

Fall 2018 Subscription Box Fall 2018 Subscription Box Photo: breobox.com

Breo Box has partnered with many brands since 2017, including but not limited to Amazon, OxO, Fujifilm and Brooklyn, NY-based food and beverage company W&P Design. Each subscription box (usually made of wood) delivered every three months contains different items, with the Breo Box Website listing past seasonal gift boxes containing various useful and unique trinkets. 

For instance, the Fall 2018 edition subscription box included the Oniva X-Grill Portable BBQ (basically a portable space-saving charcoal grill), the Oniva Mini Bean Bag Throw (a double-sided game board with a cornhole game board on one side and a tic-tac-toe one on the other), the Gefu Digital Thermometer, and the W&P Design Hydropod (a reusable plant pot for growing edible herbs in small spaces). 

The latest edition, the Fall 2020 package that is now available for pre-order, includes the Smart Loq (a smart lock that unlocks either through fingerprint scanning or mobile app access), the Freshetech Light Therapy Lamp (a standing tablet-sized UV-free lamp with three brightness settings and a built-in timer), the Yeti Rambler Mug for keeping drinks hot for hours, an egg timer with a piercer from OXO to check for the “doneness” of your egg’s yolk, and the Tooletries GoBrush (a retractable toothbrush that does not need a ziplock bag for storage).

Subscription and pricing

Summer 2020 Subscription Box Summer 2020 Subscription Box Photo: breobox.com

If you are interested in getting a seasonal box full of curated useful and unique trinkets from Breo Box this season and beyond, then you can now subscribe to either of the following options below: 

  • Seasonal Plan ($159) – Breo Box’s Seasonal Plan gives you one new box every three months that fit the season it is delivered. Each box contains products that are worth up to $300 and comes with fast and free shipping.
  • Annual Plan ($579) – the Annual Plan has the same features as the Seasonal Plan, but helps save $57 (as opposed to having to renew the subscription frequently).

Should you decide to send Breo Box’s subscription boxes as gifts, you can now buy two seasons worth of gifts to give to loved ones — no subscription required. The recipient will get the first box, and then another one three months after.

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