Wellness Wednesday: Prescription for Health Fall & Winter Programs

There’s an opportunity to learn about wellness and healthy living while earning a little bit of money.Preshealth

The free program, Prescription for Health is open to adults living in the Crawford, Missaukee, Wexford, and Manistee Counties. In order to qualify for this program, students have to participate in five virtual, nutrition classes and fill out a survey. Then, they will receive a voucher to use either at the farmers market or one of their local grocery stores.

The Prescription for Health Program is available because of a grant through the District Health Dept. #10, MSU Extension, and Munson Health Care.

To receive $100 you must attend all classes and return the post-session survey.

Courses include:

  • October 13-November 24, Eat Healthy Be Active, Tuesdays 11 am
  • October 27-December 1, Eat Healthy Be Active, Tuesdays 7 pm
  • November 10-December 15, My Way to Wellness, Self-paced cohort meets first and last week via Zoom
  • January 11-February 15, Cooking for One 11 am
  • January 25-March 1, Cooking for One 11 am
  • February 10-March 10, Eat Healthy Be Active, Wednesdays 7 pm

Crawford County Participants
For questions, contact Kathy Jacobsen at kjacobsen@mhc.net or 231-437-3481

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