Wellness Wednesday: Pandemic causing a huge spike in dental damage | News

(WFSB) – For many, this pandemic has been a stressful time that has taken a toll on our health.

Dentists have had to navigate new safety procedures all while being swamped with emergency visits.

When coronavirus shut down most of the state, Columbia Dental was still open and busy treating patients who needed emergency care.

“I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years and I’ve never seen so many emergencies, so many cracked teeth during this pandemic,” said Dr. Abbas Mohammadi, DDS, Columbia Dental.

Stress has people grinding their teeth and that can lead to long-term damage and broken teeth.

Many people aren’t even aware they’re doing it while they sleep but may have a sore jaw or headache in the morning.

“No matter what, they are going to grind their teeth, but wearing the nightguard, they are going to prevent damage,” Dr. Mohammadi said.

So, mouthguards offer some protection, but to stop the grinding, people need to get to the root of the cause, which for so many nowadays is anxiety.

“Because of this pandemic, people have so much stress, they’ve lost their jobs, have so much uncertainty going on,” Dr. Mohammadi said.

Dentists say some have also been weary to go into the office, but they do have a lot of new policies in place to keep people safe and say it’s important not to delay dental care, especially because missing routine visits like cleanings can lead to problems down the road.

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