Wellness Coach Bobby Chacko Offers Health Tips for Working From Home

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New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 28, 2020 – Working from home has become commonplace due to the coronavirus pandemic. The concept of working where we live seems like a generally safe one, and it is currently being practiced to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, wellness coach  Bobby Chacko  recently explained working from home can have adverse health effects too. 
“Working from home is ideal for many citizens. It means more time with family, zero commutes, and more comfortable work attire,” Bobby Chacko said. “However, it’s important that we take care of our physical and mental health when we work from home, as these priorities can easily slip when our home doubles as an office.”
Bobby Chacko  explained that working from home often means more time spent on the computer. For many, this is because there are no scheduled morning, lunch, or afternoon breaks. Remote working also means meetings are held online. Meetings are typical times throughout the day when employees in a traditional office setting would take their eyes off the computer.
“Blood clots and detrimental eye strain are serious issues associated with too much time sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen,”  Bobby Chacko  said.
Bobby Chacko  emphasized the importance of standing up, stretching, and moving the body throughout the day. It’s important to rest your eyes as well with regular breaks during which you do not use a screen at all, including a smartphone. Bobby Chacko added that it’s important for breaks to timed, so they’re kept to an appropriate length. 
“It’s important to consume your meals and snacks away from your desk,” Bobby Chacko added. “It is so easy to just go to the fridge, grab another snack, and start munching away while working.”
Bobby Chacko explained that this leads to mindless eating and unnecessary calorie intake. Typical office workdays have a limited amount of time for lunch or other meals, so it can be helpful to implement these same meal limits at home. Snacking is so much easier when working from home, and it can lead to serious weight gain. 
Wellness experts like  Bobby Chacko  also suggest using the time you would typically use to commute as a time to exercise. The 30 minutes to an hour you used to spend in traffic can now be used for a morning walk, online yoga class, quick HIIT workout, or any type of exercise you can do from home. Even a simple morning meditation session can improve your focus, your mental health, and ultimately, your workday. 
“Working from home has the potential to be a much healthier way to spend the workday,” Bobby Chacko said. “It’s important to stay on track with your goals and have self-control when it comes to snacking and looking at screens.”
Bobby Chacko is a wellness coach based in New York who specializes in helping people with chronic conditions. Bobby Chacko’s goal is to help people find their own unique path to overcome these obstacles and move towards a healthier lifestyle. Bobby works with many clients who struggle with conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and many types of cancer. Up until 10 years ago, Bobby Chacko struggled with a chronic condition that held him back from reaching his full potential. He now dedicates his life to wellness and sharing what he has learned over the years with others. From increasing movement and daily activity, eating healthier, and losing weight, it generally improves not only one’s physical health but also mental health.

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