UPDATED: Health department ups enforcement | Local News

“In light of this sharp increase in cases, especially among the 20- to 29-year-olds across the state including here in Missoula County, the health department is transitioning from only complaint-focused enforcement to adding unannounced inspections,” Farr said in the video.

Farr said that over the past week, the department completed inspections at bars, casinos, breweries and dining establishments. The majority of the locations were in good compliance with distancing, occupancy and face covering requirements, but several establishments were issued warning letters, Farr said. 

“Inspections at these types of gathering places will continue to be conducted during high business hours as a control method to slow the current COVID-19 spike,” Farr said.

Farr also cited a recently-released CDC report showing that a jump in the number of cases in people in their 20s leads to an increase in other age groups, particularly in those over 60.

“We’re now beginning to see that shift in the age groups that are becoming infected,” Farr said in the video Tuesday. “The percent of those in their 20s is going down and the percent of those in their 30s and over is going up.”

In her video, Farr noted that the 20- to 29-year-old age group also tends to work on the frontlines in restaurants and retail establishments, and thanked the establishments and patrons who were found to be in good compliance by inspections.

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