Try This 7-Minute Mindful Moment (For Free!) And Prepare To Feel Empowered

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From Women’s Health

  • Women’s Health’s new series of WH LIVE+ events feature appearances from your favorite trainers, celebrities, and experts.

  • If you missed it live, you can still tune in for a “mindful moment” with elite trainer Angela Manuel Davis, who then joins model Nina Agdal and executive editor Abby Cuffey to chat mental health and inspiration.

  • The free event was powered by Epic Bar as part of its Hack Your Health Routine powered by Epic series.

Are you ready to be great? You can make your answer “hell yes” in just seven minutes flat. Elite trainer Angela Manuel Davis will show you how with this powerful “mindful moment” from her signature AARMY Fitness program. It combines the power of sport and spirituality to train your mind as well as your body and unlock your full potential.

You can get Davis’ power pep talk and a speedy sweat in for free anytime you need it thanks to the latest WH Live+ Event. At the 4:35 mark, prepare for Davis to lift your heart rate and your spirits. “We are not victims to this moment, we are victorious in this moment,” she says. “Let this challenge make you great.” She really is a fitness evangelist.

Following the workout, Davis joins supermodel and fitness entrepreneur Nina Agdal, along with Women’s Health executive editor, Abby Cuffey, for a conversation about the importance of mental fitness as well as physical fitness including setting intentions, finding motivation, and living with purpose.

Nina’s big takeaway advice: Find something in fitness you enjoy doing. It should not be painful; it should not feel like a second job.

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