Trump supporters gather outside Walter Reed Medical Center

WASHINGTON – Dozens of supporters gathered outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Sunday morning, many holding signs wishing US President Donald Trump a speedy recovery following his coronavirus diagnosis.Lauren, a business manager from Bethesda, Maryland, where the hospital is located, told The Jerusalem Post that she decided to come to the medical center to show support for the president.“With this being Sunday, I came here to pray for his health,” she said. “I am optimistic [about his recovery] because I know that he’s getting the best care here.“I was a little bit shocked [to hear that he was admitted to the hospital] because I know they have been taking great care to keep him safe, but it’s a virus you can’t totally control,” she said.“Certainly he’s not going to be able to get out and about the way he likes, he’s a very energetic person with a lot of stamina. So, I’m sure being confined and in quarantine for this period will be difficult, but I’m sure he’ll keep working.” One woman had a sign with the words “pray for Mr. President.” A man who stood next to her held a placard with the words “prayers for a speedy recovery,” and a third woman’s poster read: “Prognosis: Four more years at the White House.” And the number of supporters kept growing as it was closer to noon.Robert Williams, a retired military service member from Annandale, Virginia, said he does not expect the president’s illness to affect the elections.“I think most people have already decided how they’re going to vote. It’s just a lot of noise,” he said. “I am here to show support for the president and try and set politics aside for a day or two and come out… the guy is in the hospital, he needs a little support.”Karen, a retired firefighter from Anne Arundel County, Maryland, said it was her second time outside Walter Reed.“I was here yesterday, too, to support our president as long as he’s here. I will be here every day until he is discharged from the hospital.”She added that she remains confident about Trump’s chances of reelection.“I thought before this happened that he was going to win, and I still feel the same way. Nothing has changed,” she said. “You can just feel it in the energy. It is even more than in 2016. I think polls lie; they poll the same selection of people. So I don’t believe there’s any truth to them at all. Just like before in 2016.”

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