Trump says he’ll be discharged shortly, tells people not to fear coronavirus

President Trump is apparently headed home after his bout with COVID-19 landed him in the hospital for multiple days.

Trump tweeted about his upcoming discharge, which he said will take place at 6:30 p.m. ET on Monday. He also said he feels well — indeed, as well as he has in 20 years — after his treatment, urging people not to fear the coronavirus or “let it dominate your life” thanks to medical advancements throughout the pandemic.

Questions remain about how severe Trump’s infection was, especially after it was revealed he needed supplemental oxygen and received treatments generally reserved for more serious cases, and CNN’s Dana Bash reported earlier Monday that while Trump was itching to leave Walter Reed, he was warned against doing so too soon.

But it looks like the president may have won out, and his latest announcement is in line with the optimistic outlook he displayed publicly throughout the week, echoing his previous claims suggesting the threat of the virus is overstated.

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