Trump, on Sean Hannity’s Show, Optimistic About Holding Rallies

President Trump called into Sean Hannity’s show on Thursday night and, while giving vague answers to questions about his health, suggested a rapid return to the campaign trail that could violate public health guidelines.

Mr. Trump said he wanted to hold a rally in Florida on Saturday — just two days away — and another rally the following night in Pennsylvania. He went on to say he was in “great shape” — even as he paused on a few occasions and seemed to cough or clear his throat — and again presented the monoclonal antibody treatment he received as a miracle cure, even though there is no clinical trial data to evaluate its effectiveness.

He did not give a clear answer when Mr. Hannity asked if he had tested negative for the coronavirus: He first said he wouldn’t get an “actual test” until Friday, then suggested that he had already had a test and that it had found “very little infection or virus, if any,” and then said, “I don’t know if they found any. I didn’t go into it greatly with the doctors.”

Mr. Hannity also pushed the president to denounce the commission organizing this year’s debates for its decision to make next week’s forum virtual — a decision that prompted Mr. Trump to withdraw earlier in the day. At one point, Mr. Hannity suggested that Mr. Trump should organize his own debate.

“Well, I might,” Mr. Trump said, adding that he would want a “fair anchor” — perhaps, he said, Sean Hannity.

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