To Your Good Health: Poll worker looking for clarity on Election Day COVID risks | Columnists

Health care workers taking care of people with known COVID-19 wear multiple layers of personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, gowns and face shields. Gloves are changed after every interaction and then hand hygiene is performed. This combination is very effective (though sadly not perfectly), but the best PPE can be hard to find. I would obtain PPE now if you plan to work. Multilayer cloth masks provide protection and are easy to obtain.

A 30-year-old and a 60-year-old have about the same risk of acquiring COVID-19, but a 30-year-old has much lower chance of having a severe complication.

The question of quarantine is one of local guidelines, and my advice to you or your son would depend entirely on the local prevalence in your area.

While health care workers go into the field understanding that there may be some risk to themselves from taking care of sick and potentially contagious patients, poll workers (like retail workers and many others) should not have to. Hence, I support vigorous efforts to minimize the need for in-person voting.

DR. ROACH WRITES: A recent column on abdominal migraine inspired many readers to write in with possible alternative diagnoses. Blocked arteries to the small intestine, meat allergy from Lone Star tick bite, intestinal angioedema and celiac disease all were mentioned by several readers. I am always impressed with the knowledge of readers.

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