Things to Know about COVID Lab Freezers

COVID-19 vaccines are underway. Most of them require ultra-low freezers for transportation and storage. Different reports stated that most of them need cold temperatures minimally -80-degrees C. 

Ultra-low freezers are great for COVID-19 vaccines, but you can use them for other purposes too. The first thing you should know is they come with a high price tag. The main reason for that is because they are protecting valuable items for a long time.

For instance, you can get a COVID lab freezer to protect vaccines with ease. Yet, you can find a wide array of options available on the market. In the further article, we will talk about the best option that you can see based on its characteristics.

What is Ultra-Low Freezer?

The market features many options, including low and ultra-low freezers. We can differentiate innumerable possibilities, including:

  • Pharmacy and scientific options can range between -10 to -25-degrees C.
  • Low-temperature freezers come with a user-controlled range. They can operate based on your preferences. You can find models and functions that can go up to -40-degrees C. 

It would be best to choose based on recommended temperature for a product you wish to store inside. The colder option you get, the more power expenses you will have. That is why you should wisely choose.

Common Reasons to Get Ultra-Low Freezer

As mentioned above, we can differentiate reasons for using ultra-low freezers. They are most common in biotech and biological storage applications, including:

  • Blood banks
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Research universities
  • COVID-19 vaccines
  • Forensic labs for storing evidence

You can use the ultra-low freezer for other applications, too. As soon as you click here, you will learn more about ULT freezers. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Ultra-Low Freezer

  • Alarming System

Ultra-low freezers come with door-mounted gaskets and adequate insulation. That way, you can ensure the overall performance you wanted in the first place. However, problems can occur due to numerous reasons. 

That is why you should find a model with an efficient alarming system. In case something goes wrong, you can receive a notification. You can quickly deal with this particular problem and simultaneously protect contents. 

You can also find battery-operated systems featuring visual and audio alerts. These alerts will activate in case the temperature starts to increase inside. Before reaching the alarming point, you should ask a manufacturer to test an alarm system. 

Another essential feature is a battery indicator you can combine with an alarm to protect content.

  • Temperature Control

Having a ULT freezer requires proper temperature control. As mentioned above, the lower temperature comes with higher energy consumption. 

You will need an adjustable thermostat to handle temperature control with ease precisely. In some models, you will get a transparent and visible display to ensure its performance. You can also use diagnostic tools to prevent potential issues from happening.

The temperature you need depends on the items you wish to place inside. We recommend you get a model with an accurate internal temperature display. In combination with a proper alarming system, you can get immediate notification of malfunction.

  • Isolation of Different Specimens

You can find an ultra-low freezer with different sections or compartments. Each compartment should feature proper insulation compared with other internal storage rooms. The most popular models come with individual magnetic doors on each box.

That way, you can prevent ambient air from entering a particular section. Each section can feature separate racks that can hold different containers. If you have content that requires different storing temperatures, you should get feature cell dividers.

You can also label different sections. That way, you can remove anything you need without spoiling other things inside. As a result, you will achieve more effective operation than before.

  • Keeping Records

Storing sensitive products in a ULT freezer requires a precise record of temperature sensitivity. It is an essential requirement for vaccine storage and handling them, which is something you should remember.

  • Size 

This particular choice depends on your preferences and needs. Therefore, you should check out the exact storage capacity you need based on your content. Keep in mind that most of them will operate in high efficiency when you fill them.

The main reason for that is because it will help you stabilize temperature. Another factor you should consider is account space or footprint. Generally, interior volumes range for chest models between two and twenty-seven cubic.

On the other hand, upright models can handle between thirteen and thirty cubic feet. Visit this link: to learn about storing COVID-19 vaccines. 

Extra Features to Consider

  • Construction – Find a sturdy model with latches and door handles that can stand the test of time.
  • Temperature Recovery – Choose an option that comes with the fastest temperature recovery. That way, you can prevent potential accidents from happening. Besides, the alarm won’t trigger each time you open it.