The Center for Health Affairs Partners with Cloud 9 Online to Offer Members and Clients Medical-Grade Meditation and Mindfulness App | News

CLEVELAND, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Center for Health Affairs today announced a new partnership with Cloud 9 Online, a premier digital wellness company. The partnership provides members and clients of The Center, CHAMPS GPO and CHAMPS Oncology the opportunity to implement Cloud 9’s medical-grade mobile meditation app, which provides mindfulness meditations to patients and employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of location.

Developed to offer a first-of-its-kind turnkey meditation solution, Cloud 9’s platform is completely customizable, allowing for organizational branding and design to meet clinical treatment priorities. The app’s meditations, which follow a seven-step proprietary quality assurance rubric, are created to be condition-specific and evidence-based with medical provider review and sign-off.  Cloud 9’s technology combines meditation with machine learning to create a personalized meditation experience, uniquely enabling hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide holistic, non-pharmacological virtual treatment to improve patient value and outcomes through an extremely cost-effective model.

“Here at The Center we are constantly sourcing innovative solutions for our healthcare provider base, and this meditation app from Cloud 9 fits our mission well,” said Yolandi Myers, senior vice president of business operations for The Center and CHAMPS. “I am especially excited about this app because the concept of the mind’s healing power is fascinating. For our oncology centers where CHAMPS manages their cancer registries, this solution can bring peace of mind to patients as well as caregivers. Further, The Center also hosts the nation’s first Opioid Consortium. Meditation is a proven, holistic treatment for chronic pain as well as co-occurring mental health conditions for those in active and long-term recovery.”

Cloud 9 Online has secured several healthcare partnerships since the organization began in 2015, including with Hartford Healthcare, where its MediGrade meditation app is involved in a clinical pilot trial aiming to alleviate chronic pain and improve quality of life.

“We’re honored to partner with The Center to bring mindfulness as a service to the heroic women and men helping people on the hospital frontlines each day,” said Delanea Davis, CEO of Cloud 9 Online.

Cloud 9 Online will be offered as part of The Essentials Group, a new business line of The Center that provides a portfolio of high-quality products and services aimed to create operational, financial and strategic impact to clients and members of The Center for Health Affairs, CHAMPS Group Purchasing and CHAMPS Oncology.

About Cloud 9 Online 

Cloud 9 Online is a digital health and wellness company who helps strengthen relationships between organizations and the individuals they serve by creating beautiful mindfulness meditation apps, customized to the client’s brand and tailored to the issues that are unique to the client’s stakeholders. The Cloud 9 mindfulness platform combines machine learning & mobile technology with “Medical Grade” guided meditations tailored to specific conditions, to improve mental and physical wellbeing, strengthen the sense of connection, and inspire a culture of self-care. At Cloud 9 Online, “Medical Grade” reflects an ongoing commitment to optimization of mediations through clinical trials and a Medical Grade process which includes a 7-step proprietary rubric that was co-created with medical providers.

About The Center for Health Affairs

The Center for Health Affairs: With a rich history as the nation’s first regional hospital association, The Center for Health Affairs has served as the collective voice of Northeast Ohio hospitals for more than 100 years. The Center works collaboratively to increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, providing insightful healthcare information to the public and undertaking initiatives aimed at improving the health of the community. The Center’s business affiliates include CHAMPS Oncology, CHAMPS Group Purchasing and The Essentials Group.

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