The Basic Steps to Do A Handstand – Learn How to Do It at Home

An individual who is full of determination and self-confidence can always learn things fast just like when you would like to do a handstand but have never done it before. I guess your interest in this stunt will push you to work on it because no matter how eager you are, time and patience are still necessary since you need to practice until you perfect such moves. Well, it might be difficult in the beginning, but you can be successful if you will focus and concentrate on mastering the drills.

When you want to learn the trick on your own, then I suggest you read everything you need to know about the handstand or you may also watch different YouTube channels like which you may follow at home. Keep in mind that there are individuals or athletes who would like to share such videos for interested viewers because they are more comfortable practicing alone than with the help of professionals. Though let’s admit that it would be safer to practice under an expert’s supervision because he can assist you with your needs as a beginner.

But as long as you are physically fit and with strong arms, pretty sure that you can master the handstand at home even when you have limited resources. What matters now is to have a space for practicing and make sure that you will land on soft ground to avoid hurting yourself whenever you fall. Special training won’t always be necessary as long as you will pay attention to your moves, start with warm-ups just like before the usual workouts, and focus on the drills that will aid in firming your muscles.

Climbing Upwards

You need to be friends with the wall in your room or garage because you will need this to help you climb your legs up. It is a great way to enhance your posture or how you can keep your body straight when doing the drill.

Do this by laying your palms on the ground and do not forget to spread your fingers. You should be facing the wall and start to walk upwards the wall. Don’t forget to keep your core and legs together – these must be tight, avoid arching your back – check this out to learn how, the body must be aligned or straighten, and look at your fingers. 

It would be great to practice this drill until you make it perfect. Do not mind how long it would take because this is important in strengthening the arms, straightening the body, and making a well-balanced handstand.

Kicking Upwards

This is a basic step that you need to master but for now, you will be needing the wall, though your face would have a distance from it, and a person who is strong enough to support and assist you when your feet need to reach the wall. When you have built your confidence to do the kick up alone, then you may practice without someone’s help. The secret here is to make sure that the arms are straight.

To do this, you need your foot forward and bend it slightly with your hands upwards. Start kicking your back leg upwards and keep your sight on the ground. After that, your other leg will follow, though you need to figure out the speed needed for both legs to go upwards, ending on a straight line.

Ending a Handstand

You can’t be staying upside down forever so you should also learn how to make an exit. Balancing is not just while you are performing the handstand. You should be able to exit or land on the ground without falling which means that a properly balanced landing is necessary.

Do the exit by rolling out and the cartwheel, which is very familiar among gymnasts or you may simply step down. Simply spread your legs and then bring the first one down followed by the other one. 

Those who would like to do the turn exit will have to lean on the left or right side with the legs separated. Make a slight pivot and bring it down the ground. While doing this, lift the other hand following a side wave going down.