A young mother saw the need for primary health care for women and children in her town, Lincoln Heights. Dolores Lindsay was a co-founder and volunteer. She became executive director in 1972. Fifty years later, she’s still running the organization.

Hundreds and maybe thousands of Hamilton County residents are alive today because Dolores Lindsay doesn’t take no for an answer.

“The purpose,” Lindsay said, “is to make a difference in the life of the individual.”

At 83, though, the time arrived for Lindsay to make her own life different. On Sept. 30, she retired after giving 53 years to the founding, building and leading of the Health Care Connection, a nearly $10 million network of facilities providing medical, dental and mental health services to more than 17,000 residents outside the city of Cincinnati.

Dolores Lindsay, 83, retired after 53 years of fighting for quality healthcare for the poor. She’s