The Wisconsin Capitol. Photo by Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (Photo: Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The claim: “Wisconsin Republicans have not passed a single bill in 6 months.”

The stalemate between a Democratic governor and a Republican-dominated Legislature has left Wisconsin without a clear path forward to address the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Tony Evers has declared multiple states of emergency to implement a stay-at-home order and mask mandates. Republicans — who have a stranglehold on both Legislative houses — have challenged those in court, once successfully.

But they have chosen not to overturn Evers’ orders themselves, despite having the authority to do so.

One viral Facebook post goes a step farther to say Republican legislators haven’t done anything at all of late.

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“Wisconsin Republicans have not passed a single bill in 6 months,” says the Oct. 4 post,