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Republican Sen. Martha McSally and Democratic challenger Mark Kelly met in Phoenix for their first and only debate Tuesday evening, sparring for nearly 90 minutes over health care, immigration and other hot-button issues.

Kelly criticized McSally’s record at every turn, saying she’d jeopardized the health of Arizonans with preexisting conditions and left unemployed workers hanging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McSally, for her part, endeavored to paint Kelly as a radical leftist with ties to China, questioning his business dealings and slamming him as weak on border security. 

But, how accurate were their claims? 

Here’s a closer look at what each candidate said Tuesday, with analysis from The Arizona Republic.


Business ties 

The claim: McSally said Kelly “sold out to China in multiple business arrangements on his path to get rich quick.” She said she is “standing up to China” while