EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Evansville Regional Airport is the first airport in Indiana, and the sixth in the nation, to receive an industry-approved global health accreditation. 

The accreditation means EVV h is maintaining safe and hygienic facilities. 

Nate Hahn, EVV Executive Director, said this just reaffirms how EVV continues going above and beyond to ensure the health, safety and overall peace of mind of the traveling public.

“It’s a pretty big deal for an airport our size to be leading the way. We’re pretty excited about that. Similar to the work we’ve done with the solar project, it’s something you don’t see with an airport our size. It’s a world-class experience we’re trying to provide here, and we’re proud of that,” Hahn said. 

The Airports Council International opened up this new accreditation process at the end of July. 

“We immediately jumped on it. We think we’re doing a great job,