President Trump received mostly the same treatment as anyone would get for COVID-19, except for one experimental drug and the speed of his care.


The claim: Antibody cocktail Trump received is made from fetal stem cells 

Since President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization, health care professionals have voiced concerns regarding his broad medical regimen, which include steroid dexamethasone and Gilead’s remdesivir. One treatment in particular, an experimental antibody drug from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, is drawing criticism on social media. 

“So it turns out the monoclonal antibodies Trump is on are from fetal stem cells. So Trump is being treated/saved with dead babies,” reads a Twitter post shared on the Facebook group Dogs for Democracy.

The tweet goes on to call out Republicans, Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and anti-abortion activists.  

A follow-up tweet containing a link to Regeneron’s official position statement on stem cell research