President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden argue what to do about COVID-19 and the pandemic at the first 2020 presidential debate.


Claim: ‘Bad math (is) driving Wisconsin’s exploding positive test rate.’

A surge in coronavirus cases in September pushed Wisconsin near the top of a dubious national ranking — most new COVID-19 cases per capita.

Predictably, that spurred a related jump in the percentage of COVID-19 tests yielding positive results in the state.

The rise has prompted renewed scrutiny of the state’s COVID-19 response. Some claim this is proof Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate isn’t working, while others say it means people aren’t taking the threat — or the mask mandate — seriously enough.

But the conservative MacIver Institute took another tack, zeroing in on the formula used to establish the positivity rate to claim that errors by the state Department of Health are what