Spring into the season of renewal with the latest issue of IOL Health’s digital magazine

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published16m ago

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Finally, warmer weather is here, as a nation we can finally say that spring has officially sprung.

Besides good weather, spring gives us the opportunity to spring clean our lives, our health, and our skin.

It’s also the perfect time to get rid of the extra kilograms from winter and let’s be honest, the weight that was gained during the lockdown.

In our latest health digital magazine, we talk all things spring -from skin to diet and exercise. We help you with a skincare routine that will prepare you for the harsh weather that is sure to come in the next few weeks.

We also help you take your exercise outside. After all the home training videos that everyone has been doing, it will be refreshing to train outdoors while you get fresh air to shake off any cabin fever. Exercising outdoors is also a great alternative to a stuffy gym which also gets busy.

Winter demands comfort food, greasy, and rich in flavour, but spring gives us the opportunity to cleanse our plates and serve up salads and healthier alternatives.

In our latest health digital magazine, we talk all things spring -from skin to diet and exercise.

Read the issue here.

If you’ve let your health go and spring brings with a new lease on life and a chance to start afresh and prioritise your body and eating plan.

It’s never too late to start eating healthier. Starting an exercise routine is also a choice that you make and spring is the season to jump into action.

Take it step by step and start with enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and if you live by the coast, take advantage of the sea breeze and fresh ocean air.

Spring is the season of renewal and this should include all aspects of your life, so put a spring in your step and start today.

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