Sen. Tony Vargas, challenger Jorge Sotolongo say South Omaha community drives them | Politics

Vargas has supported Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion and pushed for the Legislature to add protections for workers at meatpacking plants.

In explaining his top priority, Vargas said: “We must address health care — not just the immediate demands of the global pandemic, but the overall lack of access to health care for all of our neighbors.”

Sotolongo said he was inspired to run for office by people he’s met in South Omaha and the promise that the South Omaha community offers the rest of the city.

Sotolongo, who works in commercial real estate, said he has encountered impressive stories from lots of different business clients in South Omaha. His father, Dr. Jorge Sotolongo, has a longtime OB-GYN practice in South Omaha.

The junior Sotolongo said economic development is a huge issue for a legislative district that runs from South Omaha to downtown. After the Legislature passed a new economic incentive package last session, Sotolongo said he wants to help promote the district, job growth and development of Omaha’s urban core at the state level.

“If we don’t tap into this ball of energy, we’re missing out as a city,” he said.

Sotolongo said his top priority is to “ensure prosperity to all who seek it.”

He added: “I intend on fighting to remove all barriers that prevent individuals and families from achieving their best lives.”

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