Scrum Ventures Launches Food Tech Studio

The launch of Food Tech Studio – Bites! comes at a time where COVID-19 and the ongoing climate crisis has threatened the global food supply chain and left millions of people around the world without food security and nutrition. In fact, research from The United Nations World Food Programme indicates that more than a quarter of a billion people face the threat of starvation this year as a result of the multiple impacts of COVID-19, crop failure, and climate change.

Food shortages, broken supply chains, changing dietary habits, waste, and health issues have made it imperative to improve livelihoods by building more inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and resilient food systems. Food Tech Studio – Bites! has set out to address these challenges and will give startups unprecedented access to revenue-generating opportunities and decision-makers across the public and private sectors. Recognizing the importance of growth capital, it will also lean into the investment community and curate conversations with a world-class network of leading venture sources that are disrupting the status quo.

“We live in a time where technology has the power to disrupt every facet of life and we need to lean into innovation to put a stop to the acceleration of a hunger pandemic and global trade disruption brought on by recent events,” said Michael Proman, Managing Director at Scrum Ventures. “We are excited to invite startups around the world to engage with Food Tech Studio – Bites!, where we bring together best-in-class startups to collaborate with some of the most innovative and iconic food corporations in Japan to reshape our food systems for the better.”

Food Tech Studio – Bites! looks to attract founders who are mission-driven and sustainability-focused and can benefit from access to Scrum Ventures’ strong network and global expertise. Within the wider food ecosystem, technologies of interest span across next-generation foods, food science, data-driven food services, agtech, CPG/consumer services, food processing, as well as additional categories. Startup founders, innovators, executives, investors and/or technology leaders that share a similar vision are encouraged to apply. Applications open today.

Below are some of the innovation highlights from key partners in Food Tech Studio – Bites!:

  • Fuji Oil is a manufacturer of fats and oils and has a strong reputation as a pioneer in the production of alternative meat.
  • Nissin invented the world’s first instant noodles and still continues to bring innovation to the global food scene.
  • Itoen is the largest tea company in Japan and the first to develop and sell green tea in both cans and bottles. With an office in Silicon Valley, they are at the forefront of healthy non-sugar beverages.
  • Juchheim introduced and popularized the Baumkuchen, a German cake, to Japan and over 100 years later, they’ve kept the recipe and tradition alive.
  • Nichirei is known as Japan’s largest chilled/frozen food distribution company and supports dining tables in terms of both food and logistics.
  • The Otsuka group of companies contributes to the health of people around the world and sells some of Japan’s most popular nutritional foods & beverages today.

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