Scammers Are Posing As Austin Public Health Workers

AUSTIN, TX — Municipal officials are warning the public of individuals or groups trying to scam residents under the guise of being Austin Public Health employees.

To that end, scammers contact residents via a “spoofed” phone number mimicking the main line of the Austin Public Health Environmental Health Services main line (512-978-0300) in attempts to fool people. City teams are still working to stop the individual or group from using the Austin Public Health telephone number, officials wrote in an advisory.

As a reminder, Austin Public Health employees will never ask for Social Security, Medicaid, insurance, immigration or financial information. There are instances when a member of the Austin Public Health Department will reach out via phone or email, but staff will properly identify themselves and provide contact information for additional questions, officials added.

Staff will usually verify or confirm information that they already obtained from hospitals or labs instead of initially asking you to tell them that information, officials said.

Those who believe the call they are receiving is a scam call are urged to request the name, title, and call back number from the Austin Public Health employee. Residents can verify the information with the City of Austin by contacting 311 to ask for that person. This will ensure that they are speaking directly with an Austin Public Health staff member.

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