Riderwood Medical Center Just Down the Hall for Residents

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The medical center is staffed with physicians who have dedicated their lives to senior health and who are available for same-day appointments. All appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes, giving doctors a chance to really get to know their patients. The result is an integrated approach to healthcare that leads to optimal outcomes for residents.

Dr. Lynne Diggs, director of Riderwood’s medical center, says that she and her colleagues provide full primary care as well as limited specialty services like cardiology, uroGYN, hematology, dermatology, gastroenterology and podiatry. The community also has an on-site phlebotomy lab and provides a range of vaccinations.

“We care for a special population of elders with a focus on flourishing and wellness not always available to outside practices,” Dr. Diggs says. “We have the ability to provide selected home visits if appropriate. We are available to see our residents for extended hours and are on call seven days per week.”

The care that Dr. Diggs and the rest of the medical center staff provide goes above and beyond what is typical in the U.S. They offer chronic care management as well as mental health and social work services, home support services and recommendations for exercises and other activities.

“We have optimized care metrics for our population like diabetes care, blood pressure control, depression screening and improved functional abilities,” Dr. Diggs says.

The medical center at Riderwood is part of the Erickson Health Medical Group (EHMG), the largest and most completely integrated health and wellness system for older adults within the senior housing industry. By having its own health care system, Erickson Living offers a distinct level of geriatric expertise, which ultimately helps older adults live better lives.

Over 85% of Erickson Living residents use EHMG. The system boasts an average of 25 minutes per appointment—more than double the national average of just 12 minutes. And 96% of after-hours calls received during evenings and weekends are returned within 10 minutes. All of that adds up to a tremendous sense of security for the people who live at Riderwood.

“Residents and their families find great value and peace of mind in knowing that our full-time doctors, who are among the best in the retirement health care industry, are right on site and available whenever needed,” says Erickson Living’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Matt Narrett. “There is no doubt, our integrated health and wellness system is unmatched in the senior living industry and our communities have a culture of wellness where opportunities for healthy living abound.”

Dr. Diggs says the on-site medical center and its affiliation with EHMG adds exceptional value for the community’s 2,500 residents. In fact, she says residents often tell her that the team in the medical center treats them like they are family members.

“To have full-time providers here in the community who offer services and coverage seven days a week is a great benefit for our residents,” Dr. Diggs says. “We have the ability to follow residents through their transitional levels of care needs including independent living, memory care, assisted living, short term rehabilitation and long-term care.”

About Riderwood: Riderwood, one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 120-acre campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. The not-for-profit community of more than 2500 residents is governed by its own board of directors, affiliated with National Senior Campuses, who provide independent financial and operational oversight of the community. Riderwood is located in Montgomery County. Additional information about Riderwood can be found at Riderwood.com

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