QHR Health Continues Steady Client Growth in 3rd Quarter

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — QHR Health, the largest shared services company for independent  hospitals and health systems nationwide, reports steady growth in the 3rd quarter of this year by adding 19 client engagements since July 1, bringing the total to 49 new clients and client engagements since January 1.

“Core to our mission is that we approach our efforts with a customer-centric mindset and serve as our clients’ growth partner,” said Dwayne Gunter, President of QHR Health. “Understanding that the independent community healthcare market needs bench strength and economies of scale to thrive, our company continues to focus its expansion across shared-service centers including Supply Chain, Revenue Cycle and Financial Services, as well as advisory and consulting offerings.”

According to Gunter, the company’s focus as a growth partner was a driving force for QHR’s recent acquisition in September of Colorado-based revenue cycle provider, Resolution. “While we’ve long maintained a capability of helping clients better capture their appropriate reimbursement from commercial and government payors, Resolution and its 70 revenue cycle experts are solely focused on the independent, community-based hospital market. That expertise and attention to our clients’ unique needs brings a level of skill to revenue cycle and financial growth that is unparalleled in our market.”

QHR also re-aligned its Supply Chain shared service under the leadership of Jeff Kimmell, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain. Kimmell, a 30-year veteran of the healthcare services industry, implemented an Impact Team approach to expand client purchasing expertise by tapping into QHR’s supply team account capacity, as well as the company’s analytic capabilities and purchasing power. Kimmell stated that the idea is to provide supply chain “PLUS” – more than just impacting savings.

“Creating savings is the expectation, and we do that very well,” Kimmell said. “But our focus is also to create more impactful experiences and value for our clients. We do that by developing individual plans for hospitals with customized solutions for their unique market challenges. And, we provide the necessary flexibility so each client can have all the advantages of being part of a connected community yet remain independent and make decisions that are best for their institutions and communities.”

“Given the challenges of 2020, the growth our company has experienced over the past three months is a testament to the hard work and dedication QHR Health associates have to strengthening local healthcare. And the year is not over. We are continuing to listen and respond to the market and are developing additional shared service offerings designed to support the clinical and patient outreach needs of our clients,” Gunter said.

About QHR Health
QHR Health is the industry’s leading health solutions provider serving independent, critical access and rural hospitals and health systems across the U.S. For more than 40 years, QHR Health has collaborated with clients to ensure that people in communities ranging from small rural towns, to larger population centers, have local access to quality healthcare services. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Quorum Health, QHR Health maintains a distinct business model with separate operations and a dedicated management team.


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