Pigi- A Health Supplement based Fitness Brand revolutionizing the Sports Nutrition and Ayurvedic Supplements Sector

Pigi, now a well-known brand in the market was established initially as a membership-based business in the field of grocery delivery in October 2016. It later pivoted to sports nutrition retailing in early 2017 and ever since then, it has been focusing primarily on delivering a variety of authentic health and bodybuilding supplements to consumers through its online store. It provides the best quality products with zero side-effects at highly competitive prices through authorized channels only. Having already made a mark for itself in the market, the brand has successfully scaled in 2 years to an impressive 50 crores annual run rate (pre Covid’19 figures) that were bootstrapped and cash profitable. With more than 800K+ downloads on Pigi’s app, on both Android and iOS, the brand has become extremely popular in no time.

Pigi Emphasizes on holistic health and wellness alongside bodybuilding, it offers a wide range of supplements including protein powders, whey protein powders, plant-based protein powder, mass gainers, weight gain supplements, glutamine, zma, amino powder and more. The quality assurance it offers to its customers speaks volumes about the numerous benefits of its health supplements.

Commenting on the growth of the brand, Aashil Garg, Founder, Pigi, said, ”We have been working hard towards achieving great milestones and that can be clearly seen as Pigi revenues have nearly doubled each year, consecutively for the last 3 years. We are looking to further penetrate the market and maintain our growth levels in both sports nutrition as well as the ayurvedic supplement category. Key progress in our numbers has been witnessed in Tier 2+ cities majorly.” Delving into the future plans for the brand, Aashil added, ”After the success of its elementary initiative, Pigi has now launched its own private brand, ‘Redscience Nutrition’ with its flagship formulation ‘FULL STACK’ in the sports nutrition category that is again proving to be a huge hit in the market. Moreover, Pigi has also ventured into the ayurvedic category with the launch of ‘Greenscience Naturals’, catering to the ayurvedic and herbal sector successfully.” In the words of Shubham Arya, COO, Pigi, ”The foundation of growth for Pigi has been trustworthiness with the products offered guaranteeing assured Quality at ‘Unexploited Prices’ among the consumers, who are very conscious when consuming health supplements due to significant counterfeit available products in the market,” The premium products of Pigi with maximum sales include Redscience Nutrition FULL STACK Whey Protein, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein, Dymatize Elite Whey Protein, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, Greenscience Naturals All-In-One Health Booster and Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation among many others. Pigi understands the changing requirements of the Indian market in this segment well and is focused entirely on its motto of delivering ‘high quality products at most reasonable prices. It is constantly evolving and discovering new ways to transform the overall well-being and fitness lifestyle of the people for better. PWR PWR

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