Ontario reports 64 more school cases; Quebec identifies 933 new patients, the most since early May

On Thursday, Oct. 1, Quebec reported 933 new cases of COVID-19, the most in a 24-hour stretch since early May.

The update by Canada’s worst-hit province also included 126 new cases in schools that were identified in students and staff. Meanwhile in Ontario, 64 new infections in K-12 schools were reported, as its total province-wide case count increased by 538, which is part of a worrisome trend for the nation’s most populous jurisdiction.

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14,890 active COVID-19 cases in Canada: 160,265 diagnoses, 9,316 deaths and 136,080 recoveries (as of Oct. 1, 2 p.m. ET)

  • Alberta – 1,582 active cases (18,062 total cases, including 267 deaths, 16,213 resolved)

  • British Columbia – 1,284 active cases (9,138 total cases, 234 deaths, 7,591 resolved)

  • Manitoba – 621 active cases (2,029 total cases, 20 deaths, 1,388 resolved)

  • New Brunswick – 6 active cases (200 cases, 2 deaths, 192 resolved)

  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 2 active case (274 total cases, 3 deaths, 269 resolved)

  • Northwest Territories – 0 active cases (5 total cases, 5 resolved)

  • Nova Scotia – 2 active cases (1,088 total cases, 65 deaths 1,021 resolved)

  • Ontario – 4,975 active cases (52,248 total cases, 2,851 deaths, 44,422 resolved)

  • Prince Edward Island – 2 active case (59 total cases, 57 resolved)

  • Quebec –  6,277 active cases (75,221 total cases, 5,850 deaths, 63,144 resolved)

  • Saskatchewan – 139 active cases (1,913 total cases, 24 deaths, 1,750 resolved)

  • Yukon – 0 active cases (15 total cases, 15 resolved)

  • Nunavut – 0 active cases (7 presumptive positive cases)

  • CFB Trenton – 0 active cases (13 total cases, 13 resolved)

Ontario reports another 500-plus increase, 64 more school cases

Ontario reported 538 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, marking Thursday the fourth-straight day that the province has surpassed the 500-case mark. 

Before the recent stretch, Ontario hadn’t announced more than 500 cases in a day since May 2. 

The latest patients were identified after the province completed 39,646 tests, leading to a positive test rate of 1.4 per cent, which is one of its top five highest since June. 

Five-hundred and fifteen more people have recovered, while three have died (two involving long-term care residents) in the province’s latest 24-hour stretch. It leaves 4,975 active cases in Ontario, the most since April 29, when the province was at the peak of its first wave. 

Of the most recent cases, 229 were identified in Toronto, 101 in Peel, 66 in Ottawa, 43 in York, 13 in Durham and 13 in Waterloo. The remaining 28 public health units reported 10 or fewer cases, while 10 of them reported no new cases at all. 

The Ministry of Health also reported 64 new cases in schools. Of the most recent school cases, 29 involve students, 14 involve staff, while the other 21 have not yet been identified by the Ministry of Health. Throughout the province’s 4,828 schools, there have been 447 cases throughout 307 institutions. 

Three schools are currently closed due to COVID-19: Mason Road Junior Public School in Toronto, Holy Cross Catholic School in Kemptville and Monsignor Paul Baxter in Ottawa, according to the Toronto Star. 

Of the recent cases, 250 of them were among people between 20-39 years old, the most of any age group. There were also 135 new cases among those 40-59 and 74 among those 19 and under. Fourteen cases involve long-term care residents, and six involve health-care workers. 

Of the province’s 4,975 active cases of COVID-19, there are 162 people in hospital, the most since July 1. That includes 36 in intensive care and 17 who require a ventilator. 

Quebec reports largest spike since early May, 126 new cases in schools

Quebec reported 933 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, the most in a 24-hour stretch since May 2, when 1,109 cases were identified. 

On May 3, the province did announce 2,209 cases, but that was in part due to a data error that missed 1,317 positive cases in April. 

This latest update marks the seventh straight day that the province has recorded at least 600 cases. Before the recent stretch, it had not hit that mark since May 26. Since then, it has also experienced multiple stretches where the province consistently reported fewer than 100 daily cases as it contained the spread of COVID-19.

Of the latest 933 cases, 319 were identified in Montreal, 128 in Quebec City, 108 in Montérégie, 73 in Laval, 68 in Chaudière-Appalaches, 63 in Laurentides, 36 each in Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec and Outaouais, 28 in Estrie and 32 in Lanaudière. Of Quebec’s 18 regions, two of them reported zero new cases. 

Across schools in the province, 126 new cases of COVID-19 were identified, with 108 among students and 18 among staff. Of the 1,959 total cases, 1,237 are considered active, since 64 more have recovered since the last update. 

There are currently 631 class bubbles that have been sent home and asked to learn remotely, down by 35 since the last report. Of the province’s 3,089 schools, 720 of them have had a case of COVID-19, up by 33. However, 139 of them don’t currently have an active case, since the individuals have recovered.

In the latest 24-hour stretch, two more people have died. The province added a total of 14 more fatalities to its death toll (5,850) that occurred before Sept. 29. In addition, 580 more people have recovered, which brings the province’s active case count to 6,277, the highest in Canada. 

Quebec’s testing numbers are reflective of its output from two days prior. Most recently, it completed 30,918 tests for COVID-19, as it continues to push its capacity.

Of the province’s currently infected individuals, there are 275 in hospital and 43 in intensive care, up by 13 and three since Wednesday, respectively.

Timelines of cases prior to today:

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