Oakland County Rescinds Local Emergency Order Citing State Order

OAKLAND COUNTY, MI — The Oakland County Health Division is rescinding local emergency order 2020-12, which required people in the county to wear facial coverings when outside their home.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon on Monday issued an order restricting gathering sizes, requiring face coverings in public spaces and places limitations on bars and other venues. Oakland County officials said the state order covers what was initially held up by the local order.

“We must remain vigilant with wearing a face covering, social distancing and other protection measures to not regress in our fight against COVID-19, Oakland County Health Officers Leigh-Anne Stafford said.

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Oakland County Executive David Coulter said it is the government’s job to keep residents safe, adding that is what his administration has tried to do at the local level amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is vital that we maintain the measures that are critical to limiting the spread of the virus and allowing businesses to stay open, schools to re-open and our hospitals to operate safely,” Coulter said. “I support the actions taken by the Governor throughout the pandemic and agree that our State and Local health departments have independent authority – and must now use it – to protect the health of all Michigan residents.”

As of Tuesday morning, more than 17,000 cases of the coronavirus had been reported in Oakland County. County health data reports that more than 1,100 people in the county have died from the virus, while over 14,000 people have recovered from it.

This article originally appeared on the Troy Patch

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