NE Health District Adds Three COVID-19 Deaths, 79 New Cases

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Department of Public Health Data
Department of Public Health Data (Lee Becker)

The Northeast Health District added three deaths attributed to COVID-19 with the release of state health department reports on Thursday and 79 new confirmed cases of the disease.

Two of the deaths–listed in the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report–were of a 77-year-old female in Greene County without a chronic condition and of an 81-year-old female in Walton County with a chronic condition.

The Department of Public Health also removed one death in Barrow County from its list of COVID-19 deaths. This was of a 55-year-old male with a chronic condition who was added to the list on Sept. 4.

The net of one death results in a seven-day-rolling average of added deaths of 1.4 in the Daily Status Report, down from 1.6 on Wednesday. The Daily Status Report provides the official count of deaths in the state.

The Department of Community Health also reported one new death in long-term care facilities in the Northeast Health District with the release of its Long-Term Care Facility Report on Thursday.

That death was at Magnolia Estates personal care home in Elberton, which also reported one COVID-19 Positive Staff. The facility was new to the Department of Community Health list.

Although the Department of Public Health distributes the Department of Community Health Report, deaths in the long-term care facilities are not included in the Daily Status Report death tally each day.

The addition of the 79 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Daily Status Report resulted in a seven-day rolling average of added cases of 74.6, down from 77.3 on Wednesday.

Every county in the 10-county Northeast Health District except Greene added at least one case, with Oconee County adding three and Clarke County adding 22.

The Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) reported on Thursday that area hospitals had 60 COVID-19 patients, down from 64 on Wednesday, 64 ICU beds in use out of a capacity of 70, up from 62 on Wednesday, and 29 adult ventilators in use, down from 31 on Wednesday.

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