NE Health District Adds 28 COVID-19 Cases; Rolling Average Drops

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Department of Public Health Data
Department of Public Health Data (Lee Becker)

The Northeast Health District added 28 cases of COVID on Sunday with the release of the Department of Public Health Daily Status Report, the fewest cases it has added since June 28, also a Sunday.

The seven-day rolling average of added cases dropped to 79.7 in the 10-county Northeast Health District, the lowest rolling average since July 5. The seven-day rolling average had been 83.3 on Saturday.

Clarke County added four cases on Sunday, but only four other counties in the District added cases. Oconee County actually lost a case. Across the state, the Department of Public removed 14 COVID-19 cases from its file, including the one in Oconee County.

The Northeast Health District did add one death from COVID-19 with the release of Sunday’s Daily Status Report, of an 88-year-old male without a known chronic condition in Walton County.

The seven-day rolling average of added COVID-19 deaths in the Northeast Health District increased to 1.3 on Sunday from 1.1 on Saturday. The District did not have any deaths listed in last Sunday’s Daily Status Report.

The Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) reported on Sunday that area hospitals had 62 COVID-19 patients, down from 70 on Saturday, 58 ICU beds in use out of a capacity of 70, up from 56 on Saturday, and 23 adult ventilators in use, down from 28 on Saturday.

For more local reporting, state data, and charts summarizing local and state data, please go to Oconee County Observations.

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