Naugatuck Senior Center Offering Flu Clinic

NAUGATUCK, CT – The Naugatuck Senior Center will be hosting a drive-through flu clinic on Oct. 1. It will run from 9am to 1pm at the senior center located at 300 Meadow Street in Naugatuck.

The clinic was organized with the Naugatuck Valley Health District.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the flu shots will be administered to people as they remain in their vehicles. Anyone wishing to receive the flu shot is asked to wear loose-fitting clothes with short sleeves.

Insurances accepted for the clinic include Medicare Part B, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and Connecticare. For more information, contact the Naugatuck Senior Center at 203 720-7069.

Naugatuck Senior Center


Due to our current pandemic, the Naugatuck Senior Center, which closed the doors to the Center on March 13, 2020, will remain closed to the public. Although the Director of the Center, Harvey Leon Frydman, continues to arrive early each day, to check email, phone call members, making sure the New Opportunity meals are being delivered, dispersing Farmer’s Market vouchers at the door, and watering the Center’s garden, all weekly activities and special events are postponed until further noticed. If you have any questions or are in need of any service that you feel the Senior Center may be of help, please call 203-720-7069.

Through the help from the Naugatuck Valley Health District, The Naugatuck Senior Center has scheduled a FLU CLINIC, to be held at the Senior Center, 300 Meadow Street, Naugatuck, CT, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2020, 9 A.M.-12 Noon. Insurance accepted: MEDICARE PART B; Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield; AETNA; and ConnectiCare. Please wear loose fitting clothes with short sleeves. For further information call the Naugatuck Health District at 203-881-3255.

Farmer’s Market Vouchers are still available at the Naugatuck Senior Center. The vouchers may be redeemed at the Farmers Market on the Naugatuck Town Green, Church Street and Division Street, Naugatuck, CT, on Wednesdays, from 10 A.M.-2 P.m. and on Sundays, 9:30 A.M.-1 P.M. Qualifications for the Farmer’s Market vouchers are: Household for one: $23,606.00 and for a two person household: $31,894.00. The Farmer’s Market program ends on October 31, 2020.

A beautiful surprise happened on the campus of the Naugatuck Senior Center. With all of the closings, the famous garden on the grounds of the Naugatuck Senior Center was left unattended. To my surprised, come spring, I noticed green seedling sprouting everywhere in the garden. Day by day these sprouts grew into 4 foot stalks. The sunflowers that grew in our 2019 garden, that the squirrels missed during their sunflower seed snacking, well, those fallen sunflower seeds germinated and took root in this year’s garden. Yes, over 100 sunflowers are vibrantly growing strong in the garden. I take it as a good sign, that during these complicated, COVID 19 days, where we are all challenged to make changes and find ways to stay safe, healthy and active in our own ways, our determined and energized sunflowers, now, some as tall as 20 feet, are a reminder that we are not forgotten, and as last year’s seeds returned to us in 2020 to brighten our days with their glowing yellow bursts of blooms, I am certain that we will also return soon to are welcoming Naugatuck Senior Center. Stay strong, like our sunflowers! I miss you all!

Harvey Leon Frydman
Naugatuck Senior Center
Naugatuck, Connecticut

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