Missoula health dept: State behind on local counts | Local News

The Misoula City-County Health Department reports 43 new COVID-19 cases since the last update on Tuesday, Oct. 6. 

A huge jump in reported COVID-19 cases in Missoula County, 211, was reported by the Montana Department of Human Health and Services dashboard on Wednesday morning, but the local health department says the state’s data collection lags behind local numbers and is just playing catch-up, leading to the large number.

“This morning Montana State DPHHS informed MCCHD that State DPHHS will be reporting more than 200 new cases in Missoula County when the state updates their site at 10 a.m. today,” the local Missoula health department posted on social media. “While this number appears alarming, please know that MCCHD has already accounted for and reported these cases at the local level on our local platforms. The State is catching up on reconciling its data today, and today’s report of 200+ cases in Missoula County is an artifact of that reconciliation. Please continue referring to local-level data from the County for the most current and accurate information about COVID in our local community.”

The local health department reports there are 419 active cases in Missoula County. There are four county residents hospitalized with the disease, and four out-of-county people hospitalized here with the disease.

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