Mental Wellness with MindPath: Myths & Facts About Bipolar Disorder

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MindPath’s Megan Schanck discusses common misunderstandings of bipolar disorder and shares factual information. Through educating ourselves and each other about mental illness we can work to lower stigma and can help those who are living with bipolar and other disorders.

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Bipolar Disorder Myths
Struggles of a Bipolar Parent
Carrie Fisher’s Fight to End Mental Illness Stigma
Count with Me: Bipolar Disorder & Anger
Bipolar in the Workplace – Part 1
Bipolar in the Workplace – Part 2

Mental Health Stigma & What To Do About It
Dating Someone Who Has a Mental Illness

Provider Bio

About Megan Schanck, MSPAS, PA-C
Ms. Schanck’s greatest professional honor is gaining apatient’strust in their time of need. She became a mindcare provider after realizing how many people struggle with achieving mental wellness. As a provider, she wants her patients to feel comfortable and safe during every visit, knowing that she will work together with them to develop an individualized treatment plan. She has found that listening to her patients with compassion goes a long way to achieving these goals. Ms. Schanck offers medication management for diverse mindcare concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and women’s health.

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