Malaysian kefir firm lauds benefits of coconut and goat’s milk over traditional dairy

According to MayKef Director Asri Othman, goat’s milk kefir in particular is a lot easier on the gut as goat’s milk is easier to digest, as well as less allergenic than cow’s milk making it a good option for those with dairy allergies.

“Goat’s milk contains less casein than cow’s milk and the fat molecules are smaller, making it easy to digest whilst it cleanses the intestines. It has more prebiotics and is higher in vitamins and minerals than cow’s milk,”​ Asri told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“[We opted to make a goat’s milk kefir] based on these benefits as well as the fact that goat’s milk is less allergenic – it does not contain the allergenic A1 casein protein like cow’s milk, which makes it suitable for those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

“Using goat’s milk also ensure a higher source of calcium, vitamin B, vitamin A, iron, and more potassium than regular cow’s milk – it is really very similar to human milk except for folic acid and Vitamin C content.”

MayKef also has a coconut milk kefir product, which has the added advantage of being plant-based.

“Because our coconut milk kefir is naturally fermented from living fresh coconut milk, [it] is a pure plant-based fermented drink which is suitable for vegans, and is lactose-free, casein-free with the benefits of virgin coconut oil in it too,”​ said Asri.

“Our coconut milk kefir is considered the most powerful vegan probiotic on the Malaysian market, based on a lab test report by the Melaka Biotech Corporation showing that there are trillions of CFU of beneficial bacteria per serving.

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