List of diets that are proven to be wrong

Most of the time there is erroneous information on the internet. Whether we are talking about weight loss treatments or diets. Many diets can promise to lose weight in a very short time, but this can worsen your health. It is best to read Consumer feedback. At present the reviews are the only ones that can show you if a diet is good or not. In this article we will see what are the worst diets that can be found on the internet.

We also recommend that you talk to your doctor about which foods are best to eat or seek the help of a specialized company. If you don’t know any, you can always look for diet plan companies reviews.


In the pursuit of the ideal figure, we are often tempted to look for shortcuts and to listen to all sorts of tips that promise faster and more spectacular results. Besides the fact that a good part of them are unadvised, many are also wrong. To avoid wasting time and undesirable going through a disappointing failure, be more careful when selecting your sources of inspiration and information. To make things simpler, we present below a number of urges that are good to keep away from.

Forget the rules once a week

The concept of “cheat day” is gaining more and more ground, being intensely circulated as a way to say goodbye to unwanted roundness without the frustration generated by cravings. Its promoters say that if for six days you eat like a book, on the seventh you are allowed to cheat and indulge in culinary delight. In theory it sounds good, but in reality it kind of undermines your efforts and your chances of success. From a psychological point of view, the idea of ​​cheating is completely unproductive, as it creates negative projections about food and health in our minds. This way of thinking suggests that the diet is rather temporary, and not one that turns into a lifestyle. So, instead of overdoing it in one day, it is better to indulge in moderation every day.

Consume 6 meals a day

It is considered to be a winning strategy against extra pounds, on the grounds that if you divide the food intake equally over several meals, you control your hunger better and lose weight more easily. Well, there is no definite evidence that this method would work. Therefore, it is not necessary to complicate yourself and force yourself to eat so often. For an ordinary person, without special health problems, 3 main meals and a maximum of 2 snacks are enough. It is more important what and how much you eat, not how many times!

A 2014 meta-analysis published in Systematic Reviews once again confirmed that, in weight loss, diet is more effective than sports, and the diet associated with exercise brings the best results.

If you do sports, eat anything

Running on the treadmill for 45 minutes does not give you the green light to eat sweets or other goodies. Not even the most demanding workouts do. Research has shown that most people who exercise overestimate the number of calories burned during training, which gives them the false impression that they may be deviating from dietary rules.

Well no, sports don’t lose weight! Of course, physical activity sculpts the figure, which is not bad at all. Also, sports burn calories, but this energy consumption is only a relatively small part of the total calories consumed each day by the body to function. So, in order to lose weight, sports must go hand in hand with a balanced diet. If you are going to start a diet, you can also subscribe to a gym that can customize your workouts according to your needs, for example Echelon Fitness.

The best solution to lose weight is a very strict diet

Fake! According to dozens of recent studies, strict diets amplify the body’s mechanisms for converting nutrients into fats and their accelerated storage. Thus, after each severe diet, the return to previous habits is left with extra pounds. However, these kilograms are much more “stubborn” and due to the body’s need to protect itself from deprivation, they will tend to persist with increasing stubbornness.

Give up snacks between meals

The habit of eating little and often is an excellent way to control your hunger, according to nutritionists. Of course, snacks must be healthy, such as yogurt, nuts, seeds or fruit. These will ensure a constant level of energy and you will not end up eating too much at one meal.

Consume as few carbohydrates as possible

It is true that excess processed carbohydrates, such as white bread, rice and pasta, can be very harmful to health and can increase the risk of a heart attack. But there is no evidence that carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables will cause you as many problems, so you can eat them with confidence.

Consume more protein

Unfortunately, this is not the key to healthy weight loss either: the body needs as much fat and carbohydrates as it needs protein. Therefore, if you focus only on protein, you will lose essential elements such as fiber and other antioxidants present in healthy carbohydrates. You also risk including too much fat in your diet, so you need to keep a balance between the three.