Letter: Good health care needs transparency and competition | Letters to the editor

Regarding Nancy Rilling’s column “Amid Supreme Court upheaval, don’t forget threat to Obamacare” (Sept. 23): As we enter the final weeks before Election Day, it seems as though every issue is up for debate. In the clutter of it all, it seems as though we have lost sight of the one thing all Americans can agree on: The health care system is broken. When we first started this election cycle, it was the top issue for most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

But when digging into the details, the bipartisanship collapses. The Affordable Care Act nobly tried to provide more people with health care, but in reality, it just added bureaucracy to the doctor-patient relationship. If Medicare for All or the public option was implemented, I only see that gap widening.

If we want to have the most effective health care, we need to close the gap, cut the red tape, and block third parties from the relationship. If we want to lower the cost of health care, the answer is transparency and competition. Transparency would allow patients to see true costs, not just of prescriptions, but of all medical activities. It would also force the providers to compete and in effect lower prices and cut out needless tests and procedures.

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