Jillian Michaels’ Fridge is Surprisingly Full of Cheese

  • Jillian Michaels shared a full fridge tour with WH, detailing the foods she can’t live without
    • Packed full of different foods, some of her staples are slightly more surprising than others
    • Michaels has always said it’s about moderation when it comes to her diet, stating that no foods are off limits but there are ‘common sense’ choices to be made

      Outside of being a former WH cover star, global fitness icon, mum of two, Jillian Michaels is also a… cheese addict? Go figure.

      Showing us around her fridge, Michaels dished on her favourite breakfast combos, why she chooses plant-based milk, and why exactly she has such an enviable supply of cheese. Oh, and why an entire shelf is dedicated to supplements – some for her, some for her kids and some for her dogs.

      Kicking off with her go-to beverages Michaels shares her penchant for a strong cup of morning brew.

      ‘I am a caffeine addict, it allows me to focus more, it improves my athletic performance,’ she says. ‘The key with coffee is that you want it to be organic because coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed edible crops in the world.’ Fortunately for Michaels, one of her investments is in Lucky Jack coffee, an organic brand she drinks two strong cups of daily.

      After that, it’s onto her shaker of pre-blended supplements and oat milk – a new preference developed during (and due to) quarantine.

      ‘To be honest I usually drink coconut milk but with quarantine you can’t find stuff anywhere,’ Michaels explains, going onto share that she doesn’t drink regular milk to minimise the amount of animal products in her diet.

      Then, comes the supplement shelf and buckle up, because it’s a lot. Packed full of collagen, greens powder, krill oil, and probiotics, Michaels admits that this is the one area of her health that she goes ‘absolutely off the rails.’

      Pulling out product after product of health-fortifying supplements, she says what’s on display is only a fraction of what she takes on the reg.

      For snacks, Michaels doubles down on hummus and veggies, organic cottage cheese and various carbohydrates – whole grain bread, gluten-free pumpkin waffles and cinnamon-raisin bagels.

      ‘I’m not carb-free and carbs are not the devil. I have carbs all the time. Whether it’s toast, sandwiches, pumpkin waffles, fruit, apples, or cinnamon raisin bagels that I have with organic cream cheese for breakfast,’ she says, gesturing to her toned abdominals as a marker of carbohydrates being a necessity to building lean muscle.

      Finally, we must ask ‘how much does Jillian Michaels love cheese?’ Well, let us count the ways types. Stocked in her fridge we have:

      1. organic gouda,
      2. organic pepper jack cheese,
      3. buffalo mozzarella,
      4. shredded cheese,
      5. organic goat cheese.
        1. And that’s just what we saw on camera. A key element to her sandwiches – for which there is also a dedicated drawer – Michaels’ love of cheese is exactly why she steers clear of dairy milk, an attempt to mitigate the amount of animal protein her diet.

          ‘It’s about not eating too much and eating better quality foods and using common sense with your fitness,’ she says, directing viewers to her app that’s packed with workouts and nutritional advice. ‘Simple.’

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