‘I used to confuse fitness and health with being skinny’

I’m definitely a morning person. It stems from when I presented Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast and had to be awake at 3am. Now it’s built into me that being productive means an early morning, so I’m awake by 7am.

I have a probiotic, then spend 10 minutes ‘oil pulling’ [swishing oil around her mouth] to help eliminate toxins. I then body-brush and take an ice-cold shower – I feel amazing afterwards.

While I do my work emails, I’ll drink my go-to smoothie – avocado, spinach, banana, maca and flax seeds. My breakfast is usually soy-milk porridge with lots of berries and nuts.

I used to confuse fitness and health with being skinny. Now, I’ve realised exercise is the key to happiness and mental health because it makes you feel good, rather than making you look good. So I love to do exercise that I actually enjoy, like walking.

When the pandemic hit, I was writing my first book, The Switch, which is about finding a more balanced routine and mindset after decades of destructive dieting. Even though I keep everything in moderation, nothing is off the menu now – I enjoy home-made popcorn and Lindt dark chocolate.

I like to start winding down at 8pm. I stretch out on a yoga mat and use a golf ball to unwind the day’s knots. Then I relax with a box set. Before bed, I use Ren Pillow Spray and listen to the Unplug meditation app… the next thing I know it’s 7am.

My favourite… 

… binge-watch series

The Great. Elle Fanning (below) plays Catherine the Great. It’s similar in tone to The Favourite and is hilarious – it was one of  our lockdown go-to shows. 

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