I ate this spicy food every day for a week. My weight dropped significantly

Who doesn’t love a little dose of hot sauce or chili oil? Whether you’re hoping to add some kick to otherwise bland takeout on the go, or spend some time cooking a meal with layers upon layers of spices and flavors, spicy foods and hot sauces are really true culinary blessing—but it might actually have significant health benefits, too

According to a Healthline report, spicy food actually has a lot of benefits that go beyond just enhancing the flavors of a dish.

Not only does eating spicy allegedly increase longevity by 14 percent, it also speeds up the metabolism and can even help with headaches and nausea.

With that in mind, here’s exactly what happened when I ate extremely spicy food everyday for a week—including the surprising amount of weight I shed in just a few days.

Day one

I love eating spicy food—some of my favorite cuisines are Indian, Mexican, and Vietnamese, all of which prominently feature tons of spicy dishes and ingredients that are quite conducive to seasoning with hot sauces.

That said, I don’t usually add hot sauce to existing spicy dishes or try to outdo myself when it comes to the level of heat I can handle.

That being said, I was pretty excited to start off my week of eating extremely spicy. I made a super spicy hot sauce that consisted of habanero and ghost peppers and dosed my Indian thali with it—and it was super freaking spicy. I ended up only eating about half before saving the rest for tomorrow.

Day two

When I tell you this was a spicy hot sauce, I’m not lying. It’s freaking hot—and it took me by surprise again tonight. I really dosed my food in it last night and the level of heat has definitely not calmed overnight. I still enjoyed my food but I drank about four glasses of water and a cup of soy milk trying to get through it.

Day three

By the third day, I had noticed that my pants were a little looser and my usual evening bloat was significantly less noticeable.

I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact that I could barely get through my meals at dinner time which had brought down my overall consumption, especially considering that I follow intermittent fasting during the day and usually don’t eat much until dinner time.

Day four

Today I had finally gotten through the dinner I had anticipated eating on day one.

I think my body has gotten more used to this level of spiciness so I tried making something that incorporated the hot sauce into the cooking process rather than just adding it onto takeout. I made a spicy tofu stir fry and had it with a salad on the side, which helped with the heat but I still ended up only eating half of a serving.

Day five

By the end of the week, I had lost six pounds—or a little more than a pound every day. It was definitely mostly water weight though—and I expect it will come back as I start eating normally moving forward rather than cutting my servings down to make the level of spice more manageable.

After this week of super spicy eating, I still love eating spicy food, but this hot sauce really was next level.

I definitely will continue using it (sparingly!) moving forward, but for my day-to-day meals that aren’t really meant to be overly spicy, I’ll probably just stick to seasoning with sriracha or tabasco.

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