How to have a medical scale at home?

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It is important to keep track of your weight on a daily basis to detect any possible changes. However, it is much better when you have a scale that separates that weight into different categories. If you have ever seen a medical scale, you will know that they are professional scales that give an accurate and descriptive report of different characteristics of a person’s body. Doctors often use them to get a quick reading on the physical condition of their patients. If you want to enjoy the same technology at home at a more affordable price, you can buy a home scale, like Tanita’s body composition scale. While these home scales don’t offer the same number of features as the version used by doctors, you still get important information such as the level of fat, muscle and water in your body. In fact, some of these home scales let you know how old your body is according to its physical condition.

What information do you get from these scales?

Have you ever heard of visceral fat? This fat  is stored in the abdominal area and is the most difficult to get rid of and also the most dangerous. Experts have discovered that this fat can be responsible for causing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With a body composition scale, you can find out how much visceral fat you have and whether your exercise routine and diet are helping to reduce it. You’ll also know if your muscles are developing thanks to the exercise you do, or if you’re retaining more fluid than normal. You’ll also know your Basal Metabolism (BMR) level, which is basically the amount of energy your body needs when it’s at rest. It only takes 20 seconds.

Keep a daily log

Nowadays there are scales that you can connect to your mobile phone to keep track of changes in your body more easily. However, if your scale doesn’t have this feature, you can use tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create a chart where you can enter the information you get from the scale each day. If you are proficient with these tools, you can add graphs to help you see how much progress you have made over a period of time. With this information you can decide what to eat for the next week or what exercise routine to do to focus on one area of your body. You can alternate what you do between weeks to achieve a more complete effect on your body.

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