How Do You MAXIMize Your Life and Your Wellness Practice at the Same Time?

Dr. Andrea Maxim is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of MAXIMized Business. She’s also the creator of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method.

Dr. Andrea Maxim


Atlanta, Georgia , Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the greatest challenges we see with health-based business owners is matching the desire to help people while at the same time making sure that your business also grows to a place that satisfies you and your family’s lifestyle. Today, she helps health and wellness professionals understand how to grow their business in a way that makes sense, and give you back the freedom of time.

By using a proven systemized approach and a quality foundation of smart marketing, you’ll both grow your income to multiple streams, reach your ideal patient/client, and stand out against the competition. 

Unfortunately, after coming out of any type of medical schooling, you realize that you were ONLY taught how not to harm people, but you weren’t ever educated on how to run or grow a successful practice. The problem with this is that while you’re able to help people address their health issues, you may not have enough clients to be financially viable. Growing a practice can be a slow process. How do you become visible in a crowded world?

That’s where Dr. Andrea Maxim’s MAXIMized Practitioner Method comes in. She teaches health and wellness professionals how to get past that barrier so that you’re no longer leaving money on the table, and you’re actually creating a business that offers you time freedom. This unique methodology teaches you the importance of Foundational Experience and shows you how to attract your favorite 100 patients/clients. It also shows you how to set up the right systems so your business runs on autopilot as much as possible, and finally how to use Modernized Marketing and your own unique solution to stand out on social media.

When it came to business and family, Dr. Andrea Maxim knew what it was like to struggle while searching for the right balance. In a moment with her daughter asking “When can I talk to mom where she won’t yell at me again”, it became crystal clear. She needed to shift her priorities away from “always working and stress mom” and focus on ways to make her business provide her the time and space to close her laptop at the end of a shift and be 100% present with her family.  She has taken what she learned in her 10-years of practice, amplified her knowledge, and packaged it in a 3-step framework. This helps other practitioners expand their business growth with fewer headaches, stress, and overwhelm.

Let’s take a deeper look into the MAXIMized Practitioner Method and how it can help.

The MAXIMized Practitioner Method is a step-by-step process that takes you through an easy to follow and understand the methodology. It helps you put into place a more hands-off way to bring in clients, earn more money, and bridge the gap between brick and mortar businesses and the visibility that the online world offers.

It looks at paths to create income in multiple ways, such as building a course. With that in mind, let’s break down a couple of ways this method can help.

First, you’ll build a foundation. It’s easy to jump past this and think that you don’t need to follow the methodology given, but you’d be making a big mistake. This first step will build a bridge to the other steps. Without a strong foundation, the system collapses.

In this step, we look at the importance of using language that your client uses, not the fancy terminology that reflects what you do. You need to meet people where they are, and in a very basic way help them understand how you can help them. This first step is about getting in front of as many people as possible.

The second step in the MAXIMized Practitioner Method is where you’ll learn about Business Essentials where we systemize everything in your business flow. You’ll put the building blocks in place so that you can become more hands-off, and let the system do the work for you. We’ll tackle things like your personal branding with your unique solution (that we will help you create!), building your site, and understanding what speaks to your target audience. You’ll create welcoming emails and an onboarding sequence, which means that when somebody signs up, things happen behind the scenes where you’ll set it once, then it becomes an automatic process that works for you. It will help you automate everything from bookings to reception scripts. Once it’s all in alignment, the system does the work for you. That means the funnel allows you to warm up your lead, and then convert them to clients. From there, there are other means in a place where you can upsell and earn more.

The third step of the process shows you how to grow your business with Modernized Marketing. You’ve already learned how to target your ideal patient/client, you have a system in place to work for you to allow for massive growth, now what? 

You’ll amplify the message via channels where you’ll stand out, doing the things that other wellness practitioners are too afraid to use. You’ll learn about the types of messaging that will draw people to you, and how to use methods other people don’t, so you can be heard above the noise. We’ll also cover how to work with ads that can bring you leads for less than $0.05.

The MAXIMized Practitioner Method was built for you. 

It was eye-opening to finish her schooling and realize that while they taught her one thing, without the other component, learning to market herself, that business wouldn’t simply fall into your lap. It’s not discussed, and too many students graduate without the information they need to grow their business. What good is it to be able to help people if you can’t reach them and draw them into your practice? Dr. Andrea Maxim and her MAXIMized Practitioner Method can help you finally put those two elements together so you can live the life you want while running the business you need. 

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