Healthy Savannah partners with Enmarket for annual health education Series

For the past seven years, Healthy Savannah and Enmarket have partnered to bring the community the Encourage Health Education series.

“What we do is basically have four events every year, and each of them focuses on something that is upstream wellness,” Healthy Savannah Director Paula Kreissler said.

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Kreissler says that includes topics like eating better, getting more rest and being more active.

Enmarket’s marketing manager Melody McCarthy says the first event in the lecture series looks at reducing stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

“We as a team Healthy Savannah and Enmarket want to bring the best of what can be found in our community to all of its members, so that way we can all live a healthier lifestyle,” McCarthy said.

This year, participants will be learning to live a healthy lifestyle in a different way. “We used to have it in person and obviously we are changing it this year to have it all 100 percent online,” Kreissler said.

A lot of planning goes into making this series a success. The partners say the work is worthwhile, and they share a similar mission.

“Enmarket’s mission is to enrich lives, so the partnership is so important to us because we found that their initiative matched what we want to be a part of,” McCarthy said.

Kreissler says Healthy Savannah is thankful as it wouldn’t exist without community partnerships.

“The reason why it’s so important to have partners like Enmarket, and WJCL is to bring together all cross sectors to bring health to our entire communities,” Kreissler said.

The Encourage Health Education series live broadcasts will kick off Thursday, October 1st with a conversation on tips to reduce stress and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. The program will be livestreamed at 1pm on Healthy Savannah’s Facebook page. (

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