Health expert shares tips for socially distanced Halloween festivities

Keeping a few caveats in mind, it’s ok to go trick-or-treating in the Sugar Land community, Sugar Land’s Dr. Joe Anzaldua said in an update.

Dr. Joe Anzaldua, MD, is the local health authority for the city of Sugar Land.

Halloween is around the corner, but with 2020 being what it is, families have resigned themselves to stay-at-home virtual celebrations.

However, trick-or-treating may be acceptable in small, organized, socially distanced groups, Anzaldua said.

“The good news is our local county officials have lowered our community risk for coronavirus transmission, indicating there has been improvement with containment and mitigation of viral transmission,” said Anzaldua. “At least in our community, I think it’s ok to indulge in this time-honored American tradition.”

Anzaldua shared the following tips for this year’s Halloween:

  Since social gatherings must be limited to 10 people or less, parents might want to consider alternatives to indoor costume parties, such as neighborhood parades.

  Always wear a mask. Perhaps the mask can be a part of the costume.

  Have plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on hand.

  Avoid leaving out communal bowls of sweets. If a decision is made to hand out candy, designate one adult to do so while observing social-distancing guidelines.

  Anzaldua reminded parents to inspect all Halloween candy, and take precautions accordingly.

“Although it is true that SARS-CoV-2 can last up to three days on such surfaces, please know that current data suggests that viral transmission remains low,” he said. “The candy procured throughout the evening from other homes can be stashed away for three days and then safely handed out after that.”

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