Gym Etiquette

It doesn’t matter if you go to GymNordic, any other gym in Finland, or any other gym on the planet, certain rules should never be broken under any circumstances. In this article today, we’ll be going over the rules of gym etiquette. Because if you break these, you won’t be too popular.

Don’t be a creep

We all see people that we like the look of the gym. Whether that’s an attractive woman in leggings that show off her butt or a guy with the body of a Greek god. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a quick peek, in fact, I would challenge anyone not to.

The problem arises when your quick peek turns into a long stare. You’re not there to gawk at pretty women, you’re there to do some exercise.

If staring if a big no-no, then making comments and catcalling is a massive no no! Have some respect, and learn that this is an ineffective and rude way of flirting.

Use headphones

There’s nothing wrong with listening to some tunes whilst you work out it can help to get your blood flowing and put you in the right kind of mood for the workout. But you need to make sure that your music is yours and yours alone.

People don’t want to listen to what you’re listening to, no matter how good you think it is.

Make sure that if you are going to listen to music, you wear headphones, and the volume is quiet enough that only you can hear it.

Don’t hog the equipment

Unless you have your own personal gym (in which case, why are you reading this? These rules don’t apply to you!) you will be sharing your gym with members of the public.

And most gyms will have a limited supply of equipment. This will mean you can’t have an entire machine all to yourself for very long. You need to make sure that you do all of the sets you want to do, and then move onto a different machine.

Oh, and if someone has the machine you want, don’t stare at them until they finish, that’s just creepy!

Clean up

As human beings, we sweat, there’s nothing at all that can be done about that. But just because you sweat, that doesn’t mean you have the right to leave your swear everywhere. After you have used a machine, get a paper towel and some detergent, and wipe it down.

This way, the next person who uses that machine isn’t going to have to sit in a puddle of your sweat.

Nobody is saying you need to give the machines a deep clean when you finish with them, but just a little bit of a spray followed by a bit of a wipe is going to make many people happy with you.

How to find the right gym

If there’s a lot of people who don’t follow these rules at your gym, you might want a new one. Try looking on Suomiarvostelut to find the right gym for you!