Governor DeWine urges Ohioans vaccinate kids preventable diseases

The Ohio Governor also advocated for families to return to their doctors for well-child visits

COLUMBUS, Ohio — During Tuesday afternoon’s press briefing, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made a large push for families to vaccinate their children for preventable diseases. 

Governor DeWine said that although there is not a vaccine ready and available that prevents COVID-19, it is more important than ever to make sure kids are immunized for diseases and illnesses that are able to be stopped. 

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At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in Ohio, Governor DeWine said the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) saw a steep drop in vaccinations for diseases like whooping cough and the chicken pox, but that “we’re starting to catch up on these numbers, but there’s still some reason to be concerned.” 

During the briefing, Governor DeWine showed off a brand new public service announcement from the ODH, which encourages Ohioans to vaccinate their kids and stresses the important of vaccinations in our state’s youth.  

DeWine also invited Dr. Christopher Peltier, a pediatrician from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to discuss why exactly it’s important to prevent illnesses from reaching your child. 

“The ultimate outcome is that we run the risk of an outbreak of vaccine preventable illnesses like whooping cough, like measles, and a worsening flu epidemic” Dr. Peltier told Governor DeWine.

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