Gilbert believes marijuana poses a threat to health, safety of community | Arizona Politics

GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — The Town of Gilbert City Council will hear and consider adopting an ordinance that bans marijuana.

Voters will decide on Proposition 207, which would legalize marijuana in Arizona, but the town wants to create some guidelines for the residents at a council meeting on Oct. 13. 

The ordinance indicates Gilbert believes marijuana “poses a threat to the health, safety and security of the community and increases the responsibilities of law enforcement and other Town departments to respond to violations of state and local laws, including building, electrical, plumbing, and fire codes.”

According to town documents, Gilbert “seeks to protect public health, safety, and welfare by prohibiting marijuana establishments and/or marijuana testing facilities in the Town.”

If the ordinance passes, residents will be allowed to use marijuana for personal use, but not in public places.

Marijuana establishments will not be allowed in the town unless the operation has a licensed nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary and a licensed marijuana establishment cooperatively. There would be no exceptions for a marijuana testing facility.

The ordinance would not be valid unless Proposition 207 becomes law and a proclamation from Gov. Doug Ducey. Upon the proclamation, the ordinance will become effective.

The Town of Gilbert released the following statement on the ordinance: 

“In anticipation of the proposed Proposition 207, Gilbert has worked with other Arizona cities and the Arizona League of Cities and Towns to prepare the model ordinance. Gilbert used this model ordinance, which will be going to Council on October 13th. By taking action now we are protecting Gilbert’s ability to respond to the changes that could come if the proposition is approved by the voters. This ordinance, if put into place, would only apply to future marijuana retail and testing facilities and our existing medical marijuana dispensary will not be impacted.”

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