Garden Rescue’s Charlie Dimmock speaks openly about mental health

Francesca Shillcock

Watching Garden Rescue on TV is a welcome comfort for many, especially during such uncertain times when we could all use a bit of distraction. But getting out into the great outdoors and using some of the expert tips provided by the BBC show is something that presenter Charlie Dimmock is passionate about.

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The garden expert and former Ground Force star opened up about the benefits of getting outside and doing some gardening – no matter your level of knowledge – and why it’s key when it comes to improving our mental wellbeing.


Charlie is keen to spread the message that gardening improves mental health

Speaking at the Garden Press Event in 2018, Charlie told reporters: “It’s not only the physical side, it’s mentally [beneficial]. You can be doing the job and just completely turn off [mentally] because what you’re doing is slightly repetitive, you don’t have to really think about what you’re doing and your brain wanders.

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Charlie with her Garden Rescue co-stars the Rich Brothers

“And your brain might wander and go over what you’ve been thinking about whether it’s work, or family issues or something like that. But it’ll also wander off because something flies by, or you know the weather, the sunset looks amazing or the sunrise. It’s all those things and just being outside because you feel different in different weather and seasons, I can feel it.”

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Given the presenter’s impressive credentials including her work on Ground Force alongside Tommy Walsh and Alan Titchmarsh, and her current work on Garden Rescue with the Rich Brothers, it’s clear she knows her stuff. But the presenter candidly admitted that, while she has the skills and knowledge to apply to her own outdoor space, she doesn’t always keep on top of it!


Charlie Dimmock has been a TV favourite for a number of years

In an interview with Female First back in 2016, the former Ground Force presenter admitted: “Firstly I have to say my garden isn’t always in tip top condition! Unfortunately I tend to be away working at the more critical busy times (spring and summer) so I often get behind.

“With all gardens it’s best to do maintenance frequently and regularly that way you actually make the maintenance easier.”

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