Fitness trainer and social media influencer (Includes interview)

He is drawn to health and fitness because it “never ends.” “You are always working towards something,” he explained. “It teaches you a goal-driven mindset and it teaches you that nothing comes easy, there is no magic pill. What I love about being a personal trainer, is seeing the impact that it has on people. Seeing people’s transformation photos gives me the most satisfaction.”

On his daily motivations, Crockford said, “I don’t know what my true potential really is. I don’t know if anybody finds out what that is. I am always working to improve myself. I want to be positive, and have an impact on as many people as possible.”

Social influencer and personal trainer Alex Crockford

Social influencer and personal trainer Alex Crockford

Freddie, @fitnessfreddie

He opened up about life in quarantine. “I’ve been fine, we’ve been good,” he said. “I love home workouts. The silver lining is the home workouts and a lot of people have joined my free app.”

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On being a social influencer and fitness trainer in the digital age, Crockford said, “I think it’s quite a high responsibility to share the right knowledge. I want to be a positive influence on people.”

Fitness trainer and social influencer Alex Crockford

Fitness trainer and social influencer Alex Crockford

Alex Crockford

For young and aspiring digital content creators and social influencers, he said, “Really hone down on your beliefs and your passions and what you want to target. Try to be consistent with your values and message.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “Initially, in the start of 2020, it was ‘Growth.’ Now, it’s about ‘Balance’. I am really trying to find a way to have balance in my life.”

Crockford defined the word success as “waking up and enjoying what you are doing and making the most out of every single day.”

He expressed his gratitude to his friends and supporters. “My life would not be what it is now without my fans and supporters.” “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for absolutely everything,” he said.

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Social influencer and fitness trainer Alex Crockford

Freddie, @fitnessfreddie

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