Facial Rejuvenation and Body Curvature with Fillers

What makes cosmetic treatments so popular is how they’re able to grant people the exact appearance that they choose to have. No longer are we relegated to having no control over how we look.

Cosmetic centers all over the world are giving patients the ability to choose their image and decide what aspects of their appearance they wish to change. One of the most widely used tools to help with these changes is the filler compound. You’ve probably seen popular searches on the internet like under eye filler cost or Sculptra injections buttocks price, and have wondered to yourself what exactly these fillers are and what they do.

With the professional insight we’ve received from Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics, we’re here to give you a few answers and examples of how fillers are used in facial rejuvenation and body curvature enhancements. These are only a few of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry and all of them are available for you to try out the second you make that decision. 

Volume and How We Lose It

Our faces go through many changes over the years. Look at a photo of yourself from 5 years ago, which isn’t really that long of a time. You’ll notice a huge difference. Pay close attention to your skin, the little angles, and edges of your face.

It’s clear how much these edges and angles have become less visible as a result of saggy skin. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your lifestyle or your habits (though many things can influence how fast your skin ages). It’s a natural process that all of us go through in our own paces. As the little pockets of fat in our faces deteriorate, the skin begins to sag and loses volume. 

This makes our faces look tired and worn out. Those little bags under your eyes, slightly flat cheeks, wrinkles on the forehead and brow are just a few examples of what happens when your face loses volume. 

Filler Volume Restoration

Fillers are a specialized gel substance derived from hyaluronic acid, a springy substance that our body produces in areas like the joints. Hyaluronic acid being springy by nature makes it a great candidate for lifting the skin and increasing facial volume. 

When injected, the filler expands and pulls the skin up with it. For example: if you inject some in the cheeks, you’ll notice how they go from looking saggy or flat to vibrant, almost bouncy. Inject it under the eyes and you’ll notice those little bags tighten up and disappear. 

Other effects could be a smoother jawline as a result of fuller cheeks, fewer chin wrinkles, and plenty more to be excited about with dermal fillers. Just pick out the kind of results you wish to see and let the professionals handle the rest. Dermal fillers are versatile enough to handle a large assortment of facial enhancements, so you have a lot of choices as to what you wish to change.

Gorgeous Contours: Closer Than You Think

It goes without saying that everyone’s built differently. Not all of us can expect to see those smooth curves that are so popular right now. You can try all the best exercises and diets in fitness and lifestyle magazines, but they won’t make much of a difference. You might simply not be built for it.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of having those beautiful curves and contours. You may not be able to obtain them through natural means, but cosmetic centers do offer a very easy workaround.

As we mentioned above, filler compounds are very versatile in what they are capable of. This also applies to body enhancements, specifically the buttocks. 

If you feel like your posterior is a little too flat and you wish to see it slightly fuller and more voluminous, the Sculptra filler is the compound you’ve been waiting for. 

The Magic of Sculptra

Like with facial dermal fillers, by injecting the Sculptra compound into designated areas of the buttocks, the filler can add a lot of volume to it, making it look much curvier. Even if your body is naturally flatter, Sculptra can get those gorgeous curves without having to go through painful surgical procedures.

One thing that worries potential clients about buttocks enhancements is that they believe the results won’t look natural. No one wants to have a bloated posterior that clearly looks fake. 

A major advantage of getting treated with Sculptra is how it makes the buttocks fuller, without putting its natural and authentic appearance on the line. After the injections, the butt looks noticeably bigger and curvier, but still natural in its shape and form.

Another huge advantage of filler-based treatments (for both facial and body enhancements) is how they’re minimally invasive. There are all kinds of procedural methodologies utilized in cosmetic treatments that do less damage to your body than others. Fillers, being only a few injections, are minimally invasive and so can be classified in this category.

With injections, the most you should expect from the treatment are a few bruises near the injection sites, but even these will go away on their own after some time. This means you won’t have as many side-effects to worry about with fillers, other than a little aching and possibly some swelling. But even these won’t disrupt your daily routine.

So Much to Choose From

With all the filler-based treatments to pick from, give them a try and see how they can benefit you. They’re great for anyone looking to introduce a little change to their appearance, whether it’s with body enhancements or facial volume restoration. There’s so much for you to choose from; do a little bit of research on local practitioners and see if their treatment plans and packages suit you.