Elle and Meyers Leonard relish the success of Level Foods

Elle and Meyers Leonard are well known in Rip City. 

Meyers, for playing seven seasons with the Trail Blazers, and Elle for being a social media queen. 

From hitting trick shots to trolling her husband, Elle’s tweets are sure to go viral. 

Unfortunately for Blazers fans, Meyers was traded to the Miami Heat in the offseason and the first couple of Rip City packed up and moved across the country. 

Thanks to social media, fans can still see what the duo is up to.

When she isn’t tackling social media, Elle is taking on the health food game. 

In October of last year, the Leonards launched Level Foods, a healthy snack bar for people on the go.

Through word of mouth, the brand grew overnight, generating a revenue of more than $250,000 and an average monthly sales growth of 12%, according to Forbes.

The last three months have been explosive. I knew it was coming, because she works her ass off, Monday through Saturday, 10 to 12-hour days. But she loves it. She’s driven and she works hard.

Meyers Leonard told NBCSNW

Elle “works her ass off” but it all started as a way to help Meyers with his diet. 

Back in 2016, Meyers was suffering from some minor health issues. He was lethargic, couldn’t sleep, and was having a hard time recovering from training. 

A trip to Dr. Philip Goglia, a nutritionist in Los Angeles, pointed out the problem – Meyers’ diet. 

So Elle went to work, crafting a snack bar that would comply with Meyers’ new dietary needs.


Level Foods was born. 

One year after it officially launched, the company continues to inspire and grow.

The company had many new things planned for the future, including the addition of multiple flavors by year’s end.

“It’s going to be clear extensions based off our current offering… We’re not trying to play into the meal replacement space. We’re doing purely the in-between meals or snacks,” Elle said in a recent interview with Forbes. 

Level Foods has plans to eventually be available on Amazon and in retail stores across the U.S. but for now, the only way to get your hands on a bar is through the Level Foods website. 

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